The BladeStop bandsaw improves safety and reduces the risk of serious injury by stopping the blade within a fraction of a second when it senses an operator has come in contact.

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World leading and multi-award winning, our BladeStop bandsaw is the most innovative in the market. BladeStop are global leaders in bandsaw safety with over 1600 units in the market across 30 countries and counting.

Safer, more efficient operations to get your people home safe everyday

BladeStop features two key elements that consistently bring the risk of serious injury to almost nil: Faster stopping times and full body, dual-detection system.

Faster Stopping Times

Capable of stopping in <10ms, BladeStop is the fastest stopping bandsaw on the market. Our closest competitor is recorded at <20ms.

Full Body, Dual-Detection

BladeStop’s unique dual-sensing system combines visual detection and full body sensing to stop the blade if any contact with the operator is detected.

Visual System

A highly accurate visual system triggers a stop when an operator enters the danger zone. With the narrowest camera field of view on the market, BladeStop greatly reduces false trips.

Body Sensing System

A single tether that connects to the operator’s waist with a belt protects the full body.
Having only one of these systems is not safe enough.

BladeStop Models

BladeStop is available in several different models. The K series for our EU based customers, and the T series for the rest of the world. Both are suitable for a range of processing requirements and meet the same standards of fastest stopping time in the market. No blade change is required between stops, and our coated jaws provide a longer service life by extending the number of triggers by 50%.

The BladeStop Advantage

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Featured Industry

Meat Processing

Automating your meat processing improves safety, productivity, throughput and yield, providing a significant return on investment.

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